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You put tons of time, effort and money into your boat. It’s a rewarding hobby, but boat ownership comes with a lot of chores. Expensive and time-consuming chores.

How can you cut down on these burdens? By hiring the Power Washing Man to pressure wash your boat!

Our expertise and specialized equipment can handle a job that would take you a lot of time and effort in a matter of minutes. Why bother with the hassle with this option available? Call us now for a free estimate.

Protect Your Investment

Boats need regular, consistent cleaning to keep the ravages of the sea from wearing away the hulls. Salt deposits, grime, and other muck can adversely affect a ship. If you plan on keeping yours for decades, or you want to sell it at some point, you have to plan for periodic cleanings.

You spend thousands on your boat. Why let all that go to waste over maintenance?

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Keep It Enjoyable

No one likes cleaning their boat. It’s a huge pain involving a lot of scrubbing, joint pain, and buying expensive cleansers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about those things? Wouldn’t it be great if, the next time you were cleaning fish after a relaxing day angling, you didn’t have to worry about the mess? You could just say “Hey, I’ve got a guy for this” and call the Power Washing Man to take care of it for you.

Boost Your Boat’s Performance

Water, especially salt water or polluted water, is a corrosive substance in the long term. You’re going to need to clean it every two months or so to reduce barnacle growth, corrosion and salt deposits.

These damaging problems can reduce your boat’s performance. Barnacles can slow your boat and waste your fuel. In fact, the Navy has found that marine growth on ships can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 40%!

Biological growths can create rough spots on your hull, even eat right through it. Corrosive water, over a long enough time, can do the same.

If you want to keep your boat working at its peak efficiency, you’ll want to get it power washed every two months.

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Make Your Boat Shine

You take pride in your boat, every boat owner does. You don’t want it to turn into an eyesore that your friends and family wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Power washing returns that “like new” shine to boats. Getting rid of the accumulated growth of grime and other substances can add years to the look of your boat. You won’t believe it’s the same craft when the Power Washing Man is done with it.

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