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The Power Washing Man also offers house cleaning and cleaning services! House cleanings and cleaning services are perfect whether you have a special occasion that you would like to prepare your home for or you need to get your home or apartment ready for move out or even if it’s just for your family.

Benefits of House Cleaning

Whether you are too busy with a job, would rather spend time with your family and friends, or simply don’t like cleaning, we are here for you.

Having “clean the house” on your to-do list just adds stress, so let us take that weight off of your shoulders! With our house cleaning and cleaning services, you get rid of that stress! No more sneezing from dust buildup, no more dirty floors, no more feeling like you need to scrub down surfaces. We recommend everyone get a house cleaning at least once every six months to get rid of indoor allergens and knock off those deep cleaning chores that everyone hates.

While your schedule may be packed and inflexible, ours is very flexible. Name the day or time that works best for you, and we will do our best to make that schedule possible. You may find it more suited to your schedule to have us come once a year or every three months. Whatever you choose, our house cleaning service will keep your home at its cleanest and will also allow us to get done faster since we will get to know your home pretty well after a few visits.

Plus, a cluttered home is an unsafe home. Countless accidents happen every year because people slip and fall on objects in the kitchen or on stairs. Young children are especially vulnerable to bacteria that thrive in unclean environment. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a deep cleaning, you could have been harboring germs for years!

Clean Home Interior
Clean home interior

Special Occasion Deep House Cleaning

Do you have a big event coming up at your home? Are you hosting people for a holiday or simply throwing a party for you and your friends? You can hire our team to do an extreme deep clean of the house that will leave it spotless for your special occasion. Our one-time service is flexible enough to fit your needs and your schedule.

If you do not need us to do a whole house cleaning but would like only certain parts of your house cleaned, that can also be arranged. Maybe you just want all of your carpets thoroughly cleaned, or perhaps you would like us to clean only the garage. If you have something specific in mind, we would be happy to arrange a one-time service to suit those needs.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services

You’ve taped the boxes, sent them off, signed the new contracts, and you’re all ready to move out. What’s the next step? It is important to clean your home before you leave, especially if you want to get back that security deposit.

Sometimes you may just need a floor sweep, but some landlords have a huge a list of items that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Standard checklists include items like dusting, scrubbing all surfaces including the toilets, cleaning appliances and vacuuming, and cleaning out cabinets, which are all things we can help you do!

If you are the homeowner or a landlord, you may also need our cleaning services. If you’re looking to sell or rent, your property needs to be in its best shape to get renters or buyers. You’re trying to make a large deal happen. If it’s a buyer or a renter, no one wants to buy a chore.

On the flip side, you may want to do a deep clean of the home you just purchased or signed a lease on, whether or not someone has been living there. If the space has not been occupied for a long time, dust and dirt buildup is very common. If someone has in fact been living there and did a shoddy job of cleaning before they left, you surely will want to get rid of any residue that they may have left behind.

Whatever your moving needs may be, we would be happy to help!

Clean Home Exterior
Gloved worker cleaning toilet

What to Expect for Your House Cleaning

Depending on the work you need, we may send between one and three people to clean your home.

Before our team comes, you may want to review the details of the plan and checklist so that we know exactly what cleaning services you would like us to complete. In order to prepare your home for our arrival and work, you will want to remove items from surfaces so that we can scrub them down properly. You will also want to put out clean sheets or linens if you would like us to change the beds or hang up towels. We will bring our own cleaning supplies, so that is one more thing that you do not need to worry about.

You can be there for the maid services, but you also do not have to be. If someone is not going to be home, however, it would be a good idea that you ensure that we either have a key or a garage door code. If you do not feel comfortable with that, you will want to make sure that somebody is home. If someone is there, we will make sure to work around your regular activities and will leave you undisturbed as much as possible.

After the cleaning, we would love your feedback! And if our cleaning services did not meet your expectations, we will strive to rectify the situation as best we can.

If you need a deep cleaning of your house or regular cleaning services, give Power Washing Man a call or fill out the contact form below!

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