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There are many reasons to build a pier, for both business and pleasure. But no matter what kind of pier you have, it faces the same stresses as the rest of them. The winds rip at the wood. The water leaves foul substances on the concrete. The marine life and birds wear away the appearance.

Want to get your pier back to safe, pristine condition? Look no further than the Power Washing Man. Power washing can restore the luster of your pier’s wood and get rid of the grime that plagues it.

We are certified professionals who know exactly how to handle pier jobs. Ask about our military discount! Contact us today and we’ll get the job done quickly and painlessly.

Get Back to Enjoying Your Pier

Residential piers extend your useable space out into the lake or bay. You get a walkway out to the water that’s safer and more fun than just wading in from the shore.

But over the years, wear and tear can make residential piers less and less appealing. The moist environment encourages all kind of growths and slimes that can lead to falls. Worn wood can mean splinters on bare feet or, worse, breaking when someone is on them.

You don’t want your family, friends or their kids to get injured because you put off pier maintenance.

With the Power Washing Man’s help, your pier will be back to its old self, free of slime and grime and less susceptible to wear and tear.

You’ll be back to fishing worry-free in no time.

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Make Sure Your Pier Keeps Working

If you have a business that requires a pier, then you have a critical bottleneck that you MUST take good care of.

Imagine how much you could lose if you had unscheduled downtime caused by your pier breaking. Or what you’d have to pay out if one of your workers or someone else’s workers slipped on your pier and was injured.

You don’t need those kinds of problems. That’s why you should schedule regular pier maintenance with the Power Washing Man. We can work around your schedule to make sure that your pier power washing doesn’t cause you any downtime.

We are certified and have experience with businesses, so we know how to meet commercial needs.

Your pier is a large investment, one that you need to protect to keep the value of your assets up.

Retain the Value of Your Pier

A pier can cost you a lot of time and a lot of money over its lifetime. But it’s not money poorly spent. A pier can be a valuable asset for a business and a selling point for a home.

If you’re looking to sell your home or business, you need to have everything in its best shape. If you’ve got a pier that’s an eyesore, give The Power Washing Man a call before you bring potential buyers around.

Contact us today and get a FREE estimate! Ask about our military discount.

Power washing a home

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