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Your porch welcomes people to your home, and the patio is where you enjoy their company. They both also happen to attract lots of dirt and debris. Even if you were there the day the concrete was poured, or the stones were mortared into place, it’s easy to forget what your porch or patio looked like brand new.

Power Washing Man is here to restore your porches and patios to their original beauty. With all of the weather, foot traffic, and spills that porches and patios endure, it’s easy for your home to appear dingy.

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Power Washing for Longer Patio Life

Power washing the patio requires an experienced hand. Concrete is a porous surface, which is why your porch might get dirty easily, but patios are constructed out of many different materials. Brick and mortar, rock, stone, and tile are all common building materials used on patios. Scrubbing these surfaces by hand is tedious, difficult work, and this isn’t the type of work you can get done with a hose.

Power Washing Man knows how to thoroughly, and carefully, clean and protect your patio. Whether you have a concrete patio you like to grill on or a stone patio surrounding a pool, we know how to clean it without causing damage. The point of power washing patios isn’t just to make your home look its best, but to extend the life of your outdoor living space for years.

We are always careful around furniture and pride ourselves on neatness. After all, what good is having your property cleaned if the people cleaning it don’t put things back in order when they leave? Having your patio pressure washed will revitalize your backyard and leave it looking bright and inviting.

The Power Washing Man can reclaim your favorite spot on your property, with quick turnaround and reasonable prices. Contact us for a free estimate today!

First Impressions on Front Porches

Front porches and back patios are built out of hardy, good-looking materials. But concrete, brick, mortar, and stone are all porous surfaces as well. While they are built strong, they do get dirty, and this grime is what can cause them to deteriorate. Power washing takes care of your property.

Your porch not only holds your welcome mat, it is the welcome mat to your home. In those few moments after your guests ring the doorbell, they have nothing to do but stand and look at your porch. Because of the way porches are designed, they often accumulate organic debris and dirt.

If your porch is uncovered, then rain and weather will bring in debris that sticks and catches in the surface of the concrete. Particles like this can cause biological contaminants, and other allergens, which also present a slipping hazard if left unchecked. Power washing the porch removes stains and returns the concrete to clean, even appearance.

Grime is especially a problem under shaded patios. Back patios are particularly susceptible to collecting stains because of how often they get used. Patios have as much foot traffic as the living room, holds furniture like the den, has grease and food stains like the kitchen, and has to face the weather like your driveway.

Because patios are typically level surfaces, contaminants like dirt and algae are able to build up on your patio with no path for runoff. The aspects of a patio that make it nice to look at, like artificial joints or shaded areas, are exactly what make it difficult to keep clean. Power washers have the strength and precision to make your patio clean and safe for your guests.

The Power Washing Man can make your porch welcoming and your patio inviting, and power washing the porch will remove stains and give your guests a great first impression. Contact us and get started today!

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– Ryan E.

Patios are for Entertaining, Not Stains

Your patio is what makes your home a hub for entertaining family and friends. Patios are built for social occasions in good weather, which means lots of foot traffic and spills. But your outdoor living space is there during bad weather too. It can be easy to forget what your patio looked like brand new, but Power Washing Man can restore it to its original luster.

No matter what your particular version of a dream backyard looks like, the team at Power Washing Man bets that you don’t envision it dirty. The porous nature of materials used on patios or porches necessitates power washing in order to keep clean. Materials like concrete, stone, and brick collect dust, dirt, and debris. Because patios are often shaded this can also lead to the build-up of biological contaminants and mildew.

Power Washing Man uses a tested mixture of soap, degreaser, and an experienced hand to make your patio as inviting as possible to your family and guests. If you truly want to make your backyard an outdoor living space, the cleanliness of your patio is the first step.

Having Your Patio Power Washed Makes Your Home Safer

The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your own home, and you certainly don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable either. Allergens and other contaminants can build up in the porous surfaces used to build your patio. Regularly having your patio power washed provides a deep clean that removes all contaminants and keep the party going smoothly.

Another hazard that can come from dingy patios is biological organisms. Because patios, and porches for that matter, are often shaded, they can be prime spots for biological organisms to spread. Each rainfall will thicken and spread that biological contaminant on your patio. Not only is this an allergen itself, but left unchecked it becomes a slipping hazard as well.

Power Washing Man will not only beautify your property, but also will remove any contaminants. No matter how long biological contaminants have been setting in on your patio, pressure washing will clear it all away. These unsightly and potentially hazardous spots don’t need to hang around a day longer. Call the Power Washing Man for a free estimate today!

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