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Your shed is an important part of your property. Whether you use it to store equipment, as a workshop or even if you have an entire outbuilding like a pool house or “mother-in-law” quarters, you want your property to last and look good.

If your shed or outbuilding has seen better days, it’s time to call Power Washing Man. Don’t wait for the elements to cause your valuable assets to decay.

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Keep Your Equipment Safe

The most common use of a shed on a residential property is to store equipment. From your lawn mower to your power tools, you’ve got a lot of important, expensive things stocked away in your shed.

If you care about what’s in your shed, you should care about the condition of the outside. Your shed is exposed to the elements at all times. The wind, rain, and snow can all lead to the buildup of biological contaminants on your shed. If left unchecked, these contaminants can wear through your shed and expose its contents to the elements.

Regular power washing, perhaps in conjunction with your home’s regular six-month power washing, can keep the elements at bay.

Protect the Value of Your Property

A shed or outbuilding can be an important selling point for your home. It may be that the prospective buyer wants the extra storage space or an outdoor workshop. You want it to look its best, especially if you have the property on the market.

The best way to keep it looking the best is to have regular upkeep like power washing. Getting rid of the grime and giving your shed that “just new” shine is crucial to making a good first impression.

You can also retain the value of your property by keeping it from degrading. Regular power washings will extend the life of your shed, so you get more use out of it.

Leave the Shed Power Washing to the Pros

The Power Washing Man is a certified power washing expert with training and knowhow to get the job done quickly and effectively without damaging your property.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to power wash their sheds on their own. These do-it-yourselfers are making a mistake. There are a few things about pressure washing that only an expert knows:

  • What PSI to use. Too little, and you may not get rid of the grime. Too much, and you may damage the material you’re trying to clean.
  • What nozzle to use. The PSI is only part of the equation, and the nozzle determines the width of the spray. You need narrower streams for tougher spots like corners and overhangs.
  • What cleansers to use. Sometimes its just dish soap, sometimes it’s more abrasive, sometimes it’s nothing at all.
  • How to use the machine. You need a steady, practiced hand to run a power washing machine correctly.

Don’t make the same mistake as the do-it-yourselfers. Call the Power Washing Man today to get a FREE estimate for your shed!

“Took away all the pollen, yucky Beaufort grime so wonderfully! My house is sparkling. And very well priced!”

– Daniel L.

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