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Mobile homes and manufactured homes are right in the Power Washing Man’s wheelhouse!

Mobile homes are great because they’re generally low-maintenance and don’t require much on your part. But although they are small in size, they are prone to picking up dirt and grit.

Mobile homes, like houses, get dirt and grit stuck in the corners, which gives them a worn-out look. It’s important to clean them regularly, from the inside and outside, to lengthen the lifespan of your mobile home.

To get the job done right, you’ll need professional help. That’s why the Power Washing Man is here for your mobile home power washing needs.

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“Connor arrived on time, was very professional and did a very thorough job. I highly recommend his business”

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The Benefits of Power Washing a Mobile Home

Mobile homes are less sturdy than houses, so they need more protection. Mildew, algae and the pests that feed on them will do more damage to a mobile home than a house.

Dirt and grit also accumulate in the nooks and crannies of a mobile home. The grime looks unsightly and gives the whole mobile homes a feel of disrepair. What would you rather see when you come home from work, a dingy mobile home or a shiny, pristine one?

Power washing your mobile homes also protects your investment! You’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into your home. Don’t let all that go to waste by not getting regular cleanings. When it comes time to sell, you’ll be thankful you invested in fighting grime with the Power Washing Man.

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“All in all, don’t waste your time with other companies. Power Washing Man is highly trained in this department!!”

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How We Power Wash a Mobile Home

Here is a complete guide on how we power wash mobile homes, from getting the right machine for the job to chemical selection.

The Right Pressure Machine

It is very important to use the correct power washer on mobile homes. We don’t want to apply too much pressure on a mobile home’s walls, which aren’t as reinforced as the walls of a house. Moreover, different areas of the mobile home need different methods of cleaning.

There are a lot of pressure machines on the market that are efficient and perform well, but you need the expertise to know which is right for the job and how to use them. We make sure that we use machines that are neither too strong nor too light.

High pressure can damage the walls of the mobile home, and light pressure will not clean them properly.

The Right Nozzle for the Right Job

Mobile home power washing may seem easy if you’re watching from the sidelines, but it takes proper technique and handling to get the job done right.

To power wash a mobile home, the technician has to know that not every nozzle is right for every area of the mobile home. So, we make sure to use the right sized nozzle for every area to completely get rid of the dirt and grit without damaging your mobile home.

As the stream gets narrower, it gets more and more powerful. A proper power washing will include the right safety gear and training to deal with narrow sprays.

Pressure Wash the Mobile Home

Now, this is the tricky part. Incorrect technique can lead to streaming which can form marks on your mobile home. So, we always start with one end to another and we never alter the flow in the middle.

It is very important to follow a single, methodical pattern around the mobile home. We take one side first, work through it, and then move on to the other side.

As mentioned earlier, a power washer can generate a very high-pressure water stream which could seriously damage the mobile home if it were used by untrained hands. We do not use our power washers too close to mobile homes. We always maintain a safe distance while washing the walls and use low-pressure streams around light fixtures and vents.

Things We Avoid While Power Washing Mobile Home

Here are a few things we avoid while power washing your mobile home.

We Don’t Use High Pressure on Every Mobile Home Part

Many amateurs make the mistake of using the same pressure for every area. This is not a healthy practice when power washing a mobile home.

We never use a high-pressure stream on delicate places like light fixtures, vents, and other sensitive areas. A high-pressure stream can seriously damage those areas.

In fact, you can use a simple garden hose to clear the dust of the mobile home and then use the power washer on stubborn dirt and grit. This will avoid putting too much pressure on mobile home walls.

We Never Use Strong Chemicals

The chemical mixture used to wash mobile homes must be carefully calibrated. Sometimes, just a little soap and water is enough. Sometimes, we need to step up the strength a bit.

However, we never use chemicals that have been proven to be harmful. Harmful chemicals could reduce the lifetime of your mobile home and that defeats the entire purpose of our power washing.

We Never Use Hot Water

People are often surprised to find out that power washers don’t use hot water. The fact is: Hot water doesn’t do anything when power washing a mobile home. Since the pressure is so high, the temperature the water is at doesn’t matter.

The only thing that will happen is that you increase the chances of chipping away the paint and reducing its life.

Get Help From the Power Washing Man

The best way to safely get your mobile home power washed is by hiring a professional. You don’t want to accidentally damage your mobile home or leave all that dirt and grime on by doing the job poorly yourself. DIY isn’t the way to go with something so valuable.

Give us a free call to get help and a free estimate. Mobile home power washing is difficult, but not very expensive.

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